Christa Pelton

Transference Healing® Practitioner and Teacher


I am taking a profoundly transformative, healing journey with Transference Healing® and have explored the wonders of my internal and external worlds to created deep, lasting and positive change. This lovely picture of the light at the end of the path represents the journey through your initiations and challenges towards the Light. By taking your healing steps one at a time you find resolution and reconciliation within and you also discover this inner peace is reflected outwards into your life which now flows with more ease and grace.

I lovingly offer you a supportive helping hand, tools and guidance as you travel this inner transference journey of shifting your consciousness to higher levels. Transference Healing® is perfect for this inner transformational work and through one to one Transference Healings, Soul Group Healings and Training Workshops I will enhance your ablity to heal yourself and become more empowered. Contact Christa